Music created with various tape recorders that are playing prepared piano tracks through eurorack modular synthesizer.


Project Vainiolla Ensemble - Suruvesi


Project Vainiolla Ensemble’s debut album Suruvesi is an exploration of possibilities of laments and a prepared piano. The laments - also called poetry of eternal parting and final passing - are mixed with instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and improvised soundscapes that were recorded in the fields and forests.


Suruvesi live performance at Magnusborg Studios


Quadrivium live @ Flow Festival Helsinki, 2019




D I S C O V E R _ N I G H T_ T H I N G S

"shh, it's a secret..."



QUADRIVIUM LIVE @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila

QUADRIVIUM is an improvised concert by Kalle Vainio and Alexander Salvesen.


Nocturnal is out now:


NoX (official music video)





Project Vainiolla: Weeping

Weeping is a journey to old Finnish folk music and imaginary soundscapes. Music is created with one prepared piano and two resonating grand pianos. There are also included a pre-recorded tape, light design (red lights) and onions.




New album called Metamorphosis is finally here!

Music is created with a prepared grand piano. It's based on looping one bar of music over and over again. Sometimes it's a machine loop and sometimes it's played live. You might notice the difference or not. You can find the album in Spotify, Google Play or iTunes!



New Concert Concept: Project Vainiolla - Becoming

The audience is given a chance to hand out old items they don't use anymore. I prepare the piano during live concert and created new music. Exciting!

Project Vainiolla - Becoming was a part of the Flow Festival Helsinki program this year. It was SUPER awesome to play for all the beatiful people in the festival.

Here is a short video clip from the festival area.




Special Project Vainiolla piano system was invented to carry easily the instrument around. This could be done only by one person, me!

I played several concerts during Summer 2016 and here is few magical videos we shot during On The Road Tour 2016


Project Vainiolla - Shiver (live @ the studio)

I like to add something extra on the strings of the grand piano. In this piece I used bottle corks, blu-tack balls, sticky tape, guitar slide etc. Also I use an iPad application called Animoog to create floating atmosphere.

Official Music Video -  It Flows


Project Vainiolla - Mist (live)
Composition for a grand piano and iPad (samplr).This piece is based on improvisation and misty feelings.

B I R D S 
Composition for prepared grand piano.